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I want to thank the Adventure Cycling Association for the maps that they donated me which got me across the amazing and wonderful country called the United States.

The Adventure Cycling Association: Inspiring People to Travel By Bike.

Interesting Info:
In Indiana I realized that travelling to Muscatine Iowa would add a lot of miles to the trip. I got some maps of Indiana and Illinois and made my own route South West to get me to Murphysboro Illinois (where I got back on the Adventure Cycling maps). Unfortunately because of this I could not stop at the Alzheimer's Assoc. in Iowa. I am so sorry Katrina. I wish we could have met.

The Route Across The Country

Map and Route came from Adventure Cycling Association

Start: Portland, ME
Finish: San Francisco, CA

Total Miles: 4639

Portland, ME to Ticonderoga, NY

  230 miles
Ticonderoga, NY to Lackawanna, NY   410 miles
Lackawanna, NY to Monroeville, IN   400 miles
Monroeville, IN to Muscatine, IA   405 miles
Muscatine, IA, to Cape Girardeau, MO   530 miles
Cape Girardeau, MO to Murphysboro, IL   44 miles
Murphysboro, IL to Girard, KS   400 miles
Girard, KS to Alexander, KS   340 miles
Alexander, KS to Pueblo, CO   295 miles
Pueblo, CO to Delores, CO   360 miles
Delores, CO to Cedar City, UT   445 miles
Cedar City, UT to Fallon, NV   475 miles
Fallon, NV to San Francisco, CA   305 miles