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"The Mighty Glory"
Named by me during the trip after one of my favorite songs that I listened to while riding. Called "Might High" and played by the Jerry Garcia Band.

Brand: Cannondale
Model: T800
Type: Touring Bike
Size: Medium

Interesting Info:
During the trip I often sent home items that I brought and did not use. Important tip about packing for a bike tour, "Less is More."

Items with the text "(home)" next to them on this list are things that I sent home during the ride, usually because the extra weight/space they took up did not justify trucking them around.

Feal free to contact me at anytime about packing info.


Picture courtesy of Mark Hood 7/28/03


Cannondale T800 Touring Bike

Yakima BigTow Trailer

Handlebar bag

Cycle Computer/Altimeter


Headlight & Rear flasher

Packing List

Bike Clothing

gloves + glove liners
rear-view mirror glasses mount (home)
SPD shoes
2 bike shorts
3 jerseys (1 home)
arm warmers
leg warmers
3 pr bike socks
(1 smartwool ankle)
biking tights
seal skinz socks (home)
winter hat (home)
plastic rain pants
lightweight rain jacket

Tools & Maintenance

Alien Tool
small crescent wrench
spoke wrench
bike brush (home)
small vise grips
tire irons
patch kit
1 spare tire
3 tubes
1 trailer wheel tube
cassette removal tool
chain lube
spare spokes (all 3 sizes)
duct tape (wrap around post)
cables (1 brake, 1 derailleur)
cleanup rag
spare brake pads
zip ties
spare SPD cleat screws

Off-Bike Clothing

long pants (home)
1 pr shorts
1 T-shirt (long)
1 T-shirt (short) (home)

1 tank top)
1 pr boxers
golf shirt (home)
smartwool socks (home)
swim trunks (threw out)


Adventure Cycling maps
reading book
spiral notebook
small compass (home)
alarm clock
glasses strap
digital camera & charger
3 bungee cord
bunch of small bungees
bike lock (lost in Utah)
plastic tarp for bike
8 cds
mini speakers
battery charger
cellphone & charger
extra water holder
small clips
binoculars (home)

Camping /Cooking Equipment

sleeping bag
camping pillow
ground cover
MSR Whisperlite stove (home)
22 oz. fuel container (home)
matches & lighter
16 oz. pot (home)
2 nalgene
fork/spoon (home)
pack bath towel
toilet paper (small amt)
emergency food
salt & pepper (home)
gatorade powder
granola bars
tea style coffee bags (home)

Toiletries/First Aid

soap & case
razor & blades
nail clippers
earplugs (use near road)
small first aid kit
dr bronner's magic soap
(used for shampoo,
shaving cream, campsuds,
and toothpaste)