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Welcome to an event to raise $ and awareness for Alzheimer's.

Quick facts about the trip:

Rode in 14 states.
69 days to ride
4,503 miles.
10 break days.
Avg 76 miles/day.
4 nights in hotels.
4 days of solid rain.
3 days of hard head winds.
12 flat tires.
60 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
and a whole lot of fun.

Partner: Alzheimer's Association
Info: The largest national voluntary health organization supporting Alzheimer's research and care.

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Coast to Coast in 69 days!
Finished: August, 29th.

Raised: $3,402 (as of 10/22/03)

Donations are still being collected (any little bit helps). Donations go directly to the Alzheimer's Assoc. and are used for researching the disease. The address is below.

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Latest News
05/28/2004 Well, whats new? Its the summer again and I can't stop trying to plan another Touring trip. It looks like the Pacific Coast tour is going to be it. Expect this site to get revamped in the next month or two so that it can host more rides. Have a fun and safe summer!
Launched NEW picture page. Check it out. Added information about each picture. 286 pics in all.
08/29/2003 Made it to the Pacific Coast! 69 days!

Hello! My name is Andrew Brown. I'm 22 years old and in May I graduated from college at the University of Vermont. On June 21st, I began biking across the country in an event I call Coast to Coast: A Ride to Remember. The purpose of the ride was to raise money for Alzheimer’s research and to increase awareness for the disease. I have teamed up with the Alzheimer's Association to organize this event and put the money I raise to great use.

Please mail donations to:

Alzheimer's Association of VT and NH
Coast to Coast: A Ride to Remember
P.O. Box 1139
Montpelier, VT 05601

Any inquieries should go to me:
PO Box 176
Pultneyville, NY 14538